Why A Scalable Hosting Provider Gives You the Edge in The Ecommerce Business

Why A Scalable Hosting Provider Gives You the Edge in The Ecommerce Business

Online transactions have been on the rise ever since the turn of the millennium, but its exponential growth in the last decade have left an indelible mark contributing to changing how people perceive shopping. This trend doesn’t look like running out of gas anytime soon, rather it looks set to be the future. According to statistics from The Enterprise Guide to Global Ecommerce, a 246% increase is anticipated inworldwide ecommerce sales ($1.3 trillion in 2014 – $4.5 trillion in 2021). This has led to business leaders all over the world scrambling to find a place in this global phenomena of ecommerce. Now, it is almost general knowledge that your ecommerce store must come with a good hosting plan. If you’re still in the initial phase and haven’t chosen a hosting service, we’d recommend you go through some of the best hosting services currently available.In this article, we discuss why your provider must feature a scalable hosting service and how it will give you the tools to survive in this booming environment.

The Ecommerce Elements

Every business consists of their bread and butter, and the ecommerce business is no different. A few basic staples must be present in order to keep up in this highly competitive, cut throat market. The three large S’s in this case are Security, Speed and Scalability. Keeping these 3 factors in check are a crucial part of being successful in the market. Ezee for example, one of highly rated web hosting companies in the industry excel in these 3 areas. Combining them with fantastic technical support have led them to garner a massive following.


As your website grows, it is imperative that your system is capable of handling the increased workload, web traffic and growth in all other aspects of the business. Having a scalable business model is something all entrepreneurs should strive of attaining, increasing profit over time while also avoiding cost increase is what the right scalable hosting service is all about.You definitely wouldn’t want your website to slow down on a Black Friday. To avoid this, use of advanced caching and scalable infrastructure can play a pivotal role in making the customers come back the next time. Fast Comet hosting service makes sure that a scalable plan is in place in order to not only keep up with the times, but to be ahead of it.

Vertical & Horizontal Scaling in Cloud Hosting

Scalability is one of the top reason why business owners migrate to cloud infrastructure as services. The resources are controlled and clients only pay for what they use for. The flexible nature of cloud hosting makes scaling much easier and affordable as organizations don’t have to purchase all their resources upfront. As such, there are 2 types of scaling in cloud–vertical and horizontal.


To conclude, we hope that this article has given you a clearer idea of why you should host your ecommerce store with a scalable hosting provider. The optimized speed will have your site reaching its full potential, making customers come back for more. The scalability helps manage your website as it grows, avoiding increase in downtime.The plan also helps guide you in reaping the benefits of certain resources without having to pay for it entirely, proving to be an effective cost-reducing strategy in the long run. Last but not least, a scalable hosting provider also offers to take care of your websites security, allowing you to focus on other key aspects of your business. The features mentioned above (including the 3 S’s) all play a pivotal role in making your ecommerce business flourish. We recommend that the hosting service you choose benefits from having them and matches your scalable business model above all else.