The Love of Cash is also an Opportunity for the Trade

The Love of Cash is also an Opportunity for the Trade

Every new technical innovation in mobile payment marks the end of cash in most countries. However, current data show that this end doesn’t seem so close. And that doesn’t have to be bad for the trade.

Google has managed a tactically quite clever move. The enthusiasm of the banking industry to support Google Pay was very limited. The savings banks even announced that cooperation was out of the question.

Since the Internet company has just sought other partners, and she found. In cooperation with PayPal and Mastercard, you can also get to the contested POS. The connection with a checking PayPal account which is linked to a virtual Mastercard and already can be paid via NFC at the cashier.

New Businesses Around the Cash

Cash Payment Solutions also believes in the future of cash. It allows customers who can’t or doesn’t want to pay for their online orders by bank transfer or credit card to pay the outstanding amount at one of the cooperation partners in the in-store trade. There are now more than 12,000 acceptance points which is essentially based on the fact that the customer receives a receipt with an individual code by e-mail, SMS or download.

With this, he visits the shop of a cooperation partner, where the voucher is scanned and then can be paid. The target group is all customers who, out of mistrust, prefer not to enter any payment data in a webshop or just those who do not (yet) receive a credit card or bank account: pupils, students, youths in education or even migrants. For the dealer, cooperation with the company renders the opportunity to increase the link to the branch. Here is a selling on amazon guide which can help your business.

Trading Takes on the Role of Cash Provider

Cooperations between banks and retailers offering cash services directly at the POS also work in the same direction. They allow customers via the cash-back process, a free cash withdrawal at the checkout: from a minimum purchase value. But there are also models that offer “real” banking transactions in the trade, just like the clickfunnels pricing page. For example, Postbank cooperates with a large petrol station chain in Germany. The customer won’t have to buy anything, but can easily pull money from their account at the gas station. Such models are on closer inspection advantageous for all parties.

First of all, there is the customer who can provide himself with cash more easily. And the supply of cash has long been handled outside the bank branch at self-service machines. The acceptance of such concepts is therefore high – across generations. Around 50,000 cash registers, where withdrawals per purchase are possible, are now compared to about 58,000 ATMs.

This ensures that businesses are saved lots of stress, which also a sales service does, here is clickfunnels review vs. leadpages comparison.